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Episode 4: Connecting Pocket, Audience, Studio, Stage w/ Dennis Cotton @dbcotton24

Drum, Stage and Studio Recording Artist, Dennis Cotton Includes Audience in Defining and Finding the Pocket

Join Frank as he grills live and studio recording artist Dennis Cotton who’s resume includes over 50 albums, radio, television and on-stage work. Find out Dennis’s unique perspective on playing in the pocket and how he made a connection between audience response and the outer limits of the pocket, all in it’s relation to technique, mental facility and fluidity of playing. Hear Frank ask Dennis the hard questions, inching further into the ungraspable realm of playing in the pocket. Tune in now!

Dennis’s In the Pocket Picks…

During the episode, Dennis made reference to several artists to follow and the tracks on which they laid down the ultimate pocket groove, carefully avoiding the “given and obvious” choices “I like the guys who people, maybe…

Andy Newmark, Dennis’s Fav

– The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, Roger Waters – Listen to Running Shoes
– Double Fantasy, John Lennon – Listen in to a track from that record
Andy can also be found on various cuts from albums of Roxy Music, Eric Clapton, Sly & the Family Stone

ZZ Top’s Frank Beard

Dennis’s Pick – Listen to LaGrange

Cheap Trick’s Bun E Carlos

Frank picked The Flame as the cut for a solid pocket example

Matt Chamberlain of the Wallflowers

Breaking Down the Horse album – Listen to “One Headlight” for Dennis’s prime example of the pocket

Additional Recommendations included Tony Braunagel and Raplph Humphrey on recordings with Frank Zappa.

Frank added: MICKEY CURRY | Bryan Adams, Hall & Oates, The Cult

“I live on the planet of the eighth note.” – Andy Newmark

Find Out More About Dennis Cotton

Visit for Dennis’s Repertoire and Bio