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More than just a drummer, I aspired to be a songwriter, teacher, publisher, radio host and so much more…

I’m Frank Sardella and I have been studying drums, percussion and rhythm formally since 1978. Obsessed with rhythm, and “in tune” with its presence in all aspects of life, I found myself destined to enter music and musicianship from all angles possible, as is evidenced by my “multi-dimensional” approach to my music career.

In the dawn of computer technology, I came up through the ranks of acoustic music and the early days of electronic music, MIDI and digital sequencing. Bridging over into songwriting, more advanced music theory and even self-teaching piano and guitar, I realized in recent years that there has been one common denominator to my growth: rhythm.

Mastering it, I have found fault with a few of the “everyone knows” things you hear and come to hold true over your career. “You have to be born with it” or “you need natural talent” or “you have it or you don’t” have been found to be among the various falacies debarring would-be musicians which I know are false. And the reason is, I have proven conclusively through my BeatSmarts program, that anyone can learn rhythm, groove and find the proverbial “pockets” of time in music. Hence “in the pocket” as the center of my music universe and my entire life.

The best way to learn about me is to know all facets of my life and to see my timeline in my musical growth and development. For this I recommend visiting the Frank Sardella biographical website and, of course, listening to episode 1 of “In the Pocket Radio” below.

Listen to Frank’s Story of How He Found the Pocket in Episode 1!